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Translation memories


Translation memories are the guardian of consistency though time and allow our clients to gain a series of benefits from their use. Indeed, from the moment you require more than one document to be translated, there is a chance that a proportion of the text in both files will be similar or identical. As you send more and more content out for translation into multiple languages, there is a great probability that this happens, especially when translating product descriptions, technical factsheets, web pages, or instruction manuals which can contain significant amounts of repeated text.

Transladiem always creates translation memories as a free service for our clients to save their translations in order for them to capitalise on their spending with us and to leverage similar or identical content that has already been translated in the past. Our translation memory technology allows us to store the translated text as individual, smaller units called segments. This means that the next time we translate for you, we will always run the translation memories we have created for you against the new files sent to us to check whether we can reuse any existing translated text we have stored from your previous projects. The advantage is threefold:


Shrinking the translation timelines as repeated content or similar content retrieved from previous projects requires less effort to be checked in its new context.


Reducing the overall project total cost as repeated content is always factored in at a reduced rate.


Ensuring consistency trough time and across all languages as the translation memory technology allows the linguists to see how certain sentences have been translated in the past (days, weeks, months or years ago!)

The translation memory, or TM, works behind the scenes with a computer-aided translation (CAT) tool, offering sentence suggestions as our linguists go through the content. This technology is at the heart of what we do. It streamlines the localisation process for translators while maintaining consistency and improving translation quality. Unlike AI-generated content, translation memories allow you to reuse prior translations and manage linguistic repetitions across multiple projects.

Key benefits:

Leverage existing localised content

Create database of translated segments

Can be applied to any text-based file format

Fine-tune output by professional linguists trained to maximise the TM technology usage

Reduce overall costs

Speed up delivery times

Improve accuracy and consistency

Extract savings from legacy content

Our technology

We pride ourselves in optimising the use of our technology to enhance the skills of our workforce and to always better the quality of our clients’ deliverables.