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Translation management system


Expanding internationally is exciting and represents a significant growth opportunity for many organisations. However, the process of settling and succeeding in new markets can be time-consuming, particularly when content is located in different places or managed by different teams. This is exactly why companies with the ambition to have a global reach need to have a central, efficient, seamless and shared environment to deal with their localisation and translation-related projects. Transladiem offers a reliable and efficient translation management system with a variety of functionalities that help organisations streamline their localisation processes and cut the unnecessary back and forth, manual file handling and multiple internal communications. All files, projects, content are centralised and accessible by the various client teams with different levels of permission to always be able to monitor the on-going localisation activities and live projects.

The client-friendly interface of our translation management system (TMS) is designed to help businesses automate, translate, and manage content for international markets at scale, which makes our TMS a very important resource for global growth. With a translation management system, handling repetitive or manual tasks becomes a distant memory. From uploading and translating to publishing content in multiple languages, our TMS uses automation to improve efficiency and scalability for growing companies that use content to connect with customers across the globe.

Key benefits:

Workflow automation and operational efficiency enhancement for your language projects

Our TMS provides our clients with greater visibility of their activity and protects their data security. Our workflows are fully customisable to cater for complex assignments, such as projects with multiple QA stages or sign-off stages, which ensures your projects are delivered swiftly following best practices and allows us to be always competitive on turnaround times!

Online Review Platform

Our TMS also includes access to our Online Review Platform where our client local reviewers can work with our professional translators in a live environment sharing comments, suggestions and ideas on how to improve the localised content, removing this way all back-and-forth emails and easing the management of reports and queries. Our web-based review tool allows your internal reviewers to access the localised content for approval before going live.

Higher level of data security

Our systems are set up to protect your data and that of your clients. Once you log in, you gain total control over your language project workflows and full visibility on each on-going and completed project submitted by your organisation. Each member of your team is provided with a password-protected and secure access. Different levels of permissions are also available. Data transfer as well as file upload and download are encrypted.

Centralisation of data and tasks within one system

Our TMS is accessible online 24/7 across the globe to all individuals involved in the localisation process of your projects. With access to the content management platform, your teams can get real-time status on live projects, as well as access to previously completed projects. Your teams can access linguistic assets such as translation memories and glossaries.

Integrations and connectors

Our TMS contains API integrations that will allow you to directly connect with Adobe AEM, Sitecore, Drupal, Censhare, Kentico, SharePoint, Typo3, WordPress, systems and other data applications, so ease the content localisation process with the immediate transfer of your source content to our TMS and the automatic population of the localised content back into your source environment once the localisation workflow has been completed.

Our technology

We pride ourselves in optimising the use of our technology to enhance the skills of our workforce and to always better the quality of our clients’ deliverables.