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Text-based files

Please see below a list of the most recurrent file formats we deal with:

File FormatSupported File ExtensionsFile Details
Adobe FrameMaker.mifTranslate all Framemaker versions starting at v8 and using Unicode fonts (.mif).
Adobe InCopy.icmlFrom CS4 to latest version.
Adobe InDesign.indd, .idmlIDML & INDD CC – There is a Preview function available.
Adobe Photoshop.psdExtracts both text and formatting information. With the current version translations are exported as either Excel, Html or Ods.
ASP.NET Web Pages.aspx, .ascx, .masterLocalization of web pages (.aspx), controls (.asmx) and resource files (.resx).
Code Files.cs, .inc, .js, .css, .jfs, .cls, .asax, .asa, .c, .cpp, .h, .ddl, .mkLocalization of source code files such as javascript, css, c, java or c# code.
CSV Files.csvCharacter-Separated Values. The separator can be either a comma, a semicolon, a tabulation…
Data Files.datThis type is a data file that typically accompanies other files to support programs or applications. DAT files contain binary text, and programs that use this data often automatically create these files.
Dita Files.dita, .ditamapTranslate Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). It is an XML data model for authoring.
Email Messages.msg, .eml, .oftThese file formats are a syntax for storing a single Message object, such as an email, an appointment, a contact, a task, and so on, in a file.
InCopy Files.incaFrom CS4 to latest version.
INI Files.ini, .conf, .cfgSoftware configuration files. INI files are simple text files with a basic structure composed of sections, properties, and values.
iOS Strings Files.stringsiOS resources files (.string).
Java Properties.propertiesTranslate (.properties) localization nodes according to user’s configuration.
JSON Files.jsonJSON node localization according to user’s configuration.
Microsoft Excel.xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsbAll versions from 97. Handles embedded graphics and charts.
Microsoft Powerpoint.ppt, .pot, .pps, .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm, .ppsx, .ppsmAll versions from 97. Handles embedded graphics and charts.
Microsoft Visio.vsdAll versions from 97 to 2010.
Microsoft Word.doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .docm, .dotmAll versions from 97. Handles embedded graphics and charts.
Mirosoft.NET Resources.resxThis is a file format commonly utilised by . NET applications for storing localisable resources. It is an XML-based file format that comes with a pre-defined syntax for keeping resources organised and easy to access.
OpenOffice Format.odt, .ods, .odpTranslate Open Document Text files (.odt).
PDF Files.pdfWordbee handles editable PDFs. Scanned documents saved as PDFs, where the text is embedded in an image of the document, require OCR and an alternative workflow.
Plain Text.txt, .utxt, .utf8, .textAny kind of text files, such as .txt or .utf8. The filter is highly customizable with regular expressions, exclusion patterns and more. The filter can auto-detect encoding.
PO/POT Files.po, .potUsed by many CMS systems such as Drupal.
RTF Files.rtfTranslate classic rich text files.
SVG.svgTranslate .svg vector graphics files.
Subtitle, .stlu, .stlBoth the segments and the time code are imported into the Wordbee CAT tool. Preview function available.
TSV Files.tsvTab-separated values (TSV) is a simple, text-based file format for storing tabular data.
Text Files.txt, .utf8New flat text files, such as .txt or .utf8.
Transit language files.deu, .eng, .fra, .*Make you compatible with Star Transit TS.
Trados bilingual files.bakTranslate Trados uncleaned bilingual files (.bak).
TTX Files.ttxTTX node and attribute localization according to user’s configuration.
Web Pages.htm, .html, .xhtml, . htmls, .php, .php2, .php3, .php4, .php5, .php6, .phtml, .cfm, .jsp, .ahtm, .ahtmlThe web pages configuration allows users to define translatable attributes and parent tags that should be extracted for translation.
XLIFF Files.xlf, .sdlxliff, .xliff, .xlif, .txlfWe support XLIFF version 1 and 2.
XML Files.xmlXML node and attribute localization according to user’s configuration.
XSL Files.xsl, .xsltXSL is a language for expressing style sheets. It describes how to display an XML document of a given type.
XSL Stylesheets.xsltXSL is a language for expressing style sheets. An XSL style sheet is, like with CSS, a file that describes how to display an XML document of a given type.
YAML files.yaml, .ymlTranslate .yaml and .yml strings. This file type is commonly used for configuration files and in application where data is stored and transmitted.
WebVTT.vttWebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) is a W3C standard for displaying timed text in connection with the HTML5 element.

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