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Terminology management


Terminology management is the process of collecting terms in a systematised and orderly way. At Transladiem, we discuss with our clients to identify the key terms relevant to their industry and projects to create lists of terms and localised equivalents, to which we add crucial examples of contextual usage of the terms. Additionally, our terminology management process can involve documenting terms that should not be translated (and typically are not translated), such as proper names, job titles, proprietary terms, company names, trademarked terms and so on.

Any terminology management action should take place before a document is translated so the linguists have this information upfront, lessen the time spent sending queries and produce a translation much more in line with our client’s expectations. While the step can take a little more time at the beginning of the project, it eases the translation process as the linguists have more familiarity with the text, its intent, and its meaning.

Transladiem actively combines the use of project-specific glossaries with our client translation memories (TM) to maximise the linguistic consistency and quality, to speed up the process and consequently better our timelines and finally to keep the translation costs low through the reuse of previously translated content. Our clients can access 24/7 all their terminological resources via our translation management system, whether these are translation memories or glossaries.

Even the less sophisticated terminology management system can produce immediate benefits for the translation of technical documents. With a bunch of simple rules in place and clear understanding of the preferred vocabulary to be used and of the words or phrases to be avoided, translation consistency and homogeneous style as well as text tone of voice become much easier to achieve for any linguist on the team for a translation project. This is essentially a list of rules to follow carefully, loaded into the right technology for the linguists to be reminded and use easily.

Our technology

We pride ourselves in optimising the use of our technology to enhance the skills of our workforce and to always better the quality of our clients’ deliverables.