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Online review platform


One of the key translation best practices is to expose our translations to our clients early in the localisation process to get feedback and possible amends before inputting the proofread translated content into their final intended environment, where it is then usually more complex, time-demanding and manual to operate changes when this stage is reached. For many years the norm in translation had been to share the translations as bilingual tables, mostly in a word document format to collect the client reviewer’s changes via the track change function, and even if this is still required for certain client teams and that this process still remains a viable option nowadays, our translation management system has been optimised to put at our client’s disposal an online review platform to ease the review process drastically and save time by removing any manual handling of files via email and by centralising all reviewing activities into one single place.

Our online review platform is an advanced feedback tool enabling real-time, two-way conversation that eliminates the need for email back-and-forth. The different stages of our translation process are automated, which removes unnecessary manual steps. Files are dealt with securely end to end with a great deal of automation, while ensuring that the file structure is not altered or corrupted. This is done to guarantee that the translated files behave exactly as expected when used, which is essential for software, website, e-learning and e-Commerce localisation.

Key benefits:

Central review platform to check completion progress on all project files at a glance

Instantaneous edit function and auto-save function so you work never gets lost

Online review platform accessible everywhere 24/7 with internet connection

Bilingual display with source text on the left and target translations on the right

Auto QA function enables client reviewers to spot typos or double-spaces

Versioning function enabled to track through time changes made to each segment

Advanced filtering functions so to filter and display or hide specific segments (display only edited segments for instance, display only segments amended by reviewer, remove repeated segments, etc)

Comment function so to share suggestions or doubts with our team directly via the platform on specific translated segments

Different level of permissions

Secured access with passwords

Data encryption for greater safety

Central review platform to check completion progress on all project files at a glance

Our technology

We pride ourselves in optimising the use of our technology to enhance the skills of our workforce and to always better the quality of our clients’ deliverables.