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Client Portal


Our bespoke web-based platform is a centralised client portal that also serves accounting and finance purposes so that you may always retrieve your quotes and keep one eye on your completed projects.

You may register with us as a customer and get your access to the client portal by filling in our customer registration form.

Key benefits:

Automatic notifications

Our client portal offers the possibility to get a variety of automatic notifications via email upon receipt of files, when a quote is ready, a project is completed, etc.

Centralisation of data and tasks within one system

Our client portal is accessible online 24/7 across the globe. All your quotes, projects, source and target files will be stored centrally in a secure place. Request quotations, issue orders, track your projects and securely upload and download files in one single environment.

Reporting functions

Our client portal allows our clients to track spending and create smart reports to support budgets and forecasts, breaking down activity granularly by language, service, colleague, month or team and display information on services requested and word count.

Higher level of data security

Our systems are set up to protect your data and that of your clients. Once you log in, you gain total control over your language project workflows and full visibility on each on-going and completed project submitted by your organisation. Each member of your team is provided with a password-protected and secure access. Different levels of permission are also available. Data transfer as well as file upload and download are encrypted.

Our technology

We pride ourselves in optimising the use of our technology to enhance the skills of our workforce and to always better the quality of our clients’ deliverables.