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Our Technology

We pride ourselves in optimising the use of our technology to enhance the skills of our workforce and to always better the quality of our clients’ deliverables.

API & website connectors to automate content translation

Getting ready to trade on the international market entails a long to-do list when it comes to translations, from understanding business requirements to project management, integration, testing, and more.

Audio formats

Here are the most recurrent audio formats we deal with.

Client portal

Our bespoke web-based platform is a centralised client portal that also serves accounting and finance purposes so that you may always retrieve your quotes and keep one eye on your completed projects.

E-learning authoring tool

At Transladiem, we master all authoring tools available on the e-learning market and have the flexibility and experience to localise the full module with all media elements embedded or simply to focus on the areas our clients decide to task us with.

Image formats

Our Desktop Publishing service also allows us to recreate images from scratch to localise them in the requested target languages. Here are the most recurrent image file types our clients ask us to deal with.

Neuro machine translation

Neuro machine translation, or NMT for short, is an advanced machine translation solution developed to use neural network models to learn a statistical model for machine translation.

Online review platform

One of the key translation best practices is to expose our translations to our clients early in the localisation process to get feedback and possible amends before inputting the proofread translated content into their final intended environment, where it is then usually more complex, time-demanding and manual to operate changes when this stage is reached.

Our AI translation tools

15 AI translation tools Transladiem offers

Terminology management

Terminology management is the process of collecting terms in a systematised and orderly way. At Transladiem, we discuss with our clients to identify the key terms relevant to their industry and projects to create lists of terms and localised equivalents, to which we add crucial examples of contextual usage of the terms. 

Text-based files

A list of the most recurrent file formats we deal with.

Translation management system

Expanding internationally is exciting and represents a significant growth opportunity for many organisations. However, the process of settling and succeeding in new markets can be time-consuming, particularly when content is located in different places or managed by different teams.

Translation memories

Translation memories are the guardian of consistency though time and allows our clients to recover a series of benefits from their utilisation. Indeed, from the moment you require more than one document to be translated, there is a chance that a proportion of the text in both files will be similar or identical.

Video Composition Apps

Some examples of apps we use regularly for our clients when it comes to video editing tasks such as replacing on-screen texts, adding or removing effects, adding and removing text-boxes, adding and synchronising the subtitles or dubbing (UN-style and lip-synch)