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Voice over, Audio recording & Dubbing


Transladiem offers voice-over, audio recording and dubbing services for all types of video content (explainer video, corporate video, commercial videos, teasers, movies, etc), podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning modules commercials, providing our clients with quality, affordable and fast multilingual voice-over services.

We offer our clients the possibility to choose their preferred voice talents in over 150 languages before proceeding with the recording session. To do so, we send across voice samples (female and male voices) from which the clients can pick their preferred ones for their projects.

We follow a strict testing process to ensure all of our voice talents are native speakers, and professionals evolving in the voice over industry for a long period of time in order to guarantee consistency through time, so the same voices are always available to our clients for their recurrent projects.

Our project management team thrives at gathering your requirements to be cost-effective and ensure we achieve the desired outcome for your projects. Our team will gather your tone of voice instructions, evidence the emphases to be made by the actors or actresses while recording, and draft a pronunciation guide for our clients to address any ambiguous words prior to recording. When it comes to applying voice over to a video, our team will discuss with you the two options: UN-style voice over approach or lip-sync dubbing, and explain the specificities linked to both methods.

Interestingly, when it comes to audio retakes and audio rerecordings (due to new instructions on the tone of voice or to major updates to the initial scripts for instance) our team does not necessarily need to go through quoting an extra recording session in Studio, instead, we always endeavour to minimise these potential extra costs and provide an extra costing which is proportional to what needs to be retaken.

Last but not least, for any recordings intended for commercial use (as opposed to internal use), our voice talents will always communicate the buy-out fees associated with the projects, so our clients know the costs to acquire the rights to use these recordings for well-established purposes (broadcasting channels, broadcasting duration, countries where the recordings are used).

Here are the most common requests that come our way:

E-learning audio narration

Explainer video




Audio guide