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Subtitling (time-coded SRT or VTT file creation)


Subtitling is one of our key video-related services and audiovisual services. Subtitling has its own rules and specifications. When it comes to translation, it is a type of translation that has certain restrictions and criteria which directly affect the final result. Transladiem can localise existing subtitles or create them from scratch when it is required. 

Based on the instructions received from our clients, we may indeed either create the time-coded SRT or VTT files for our clients to use these time-coded text-based files internally or use these files ourselves to work on our client’s videos directly and burn the subtitles in or display them as closed captions (C.C.), which gives the viewer the option to turn them on or off. Both make content accessible for the audience, but closed captions have the obvious advantage that the viewer is in control.