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Neuro Machine Translation (NMT)


Neuro machine translation, or NMT for short, is an advanced machine translation solution developed to use neural network models to learn a statistical model for machine translation. This is indeed a state-of-the-art machine translation approach that utilises neural network techniques to predict the likelihood of a set of words in sequence, which allows the machine to check for the segment context, meaning the text coming before and after the target segment to check that environments match before inputting the translation.

Nowadays businesses need to digest high volumes of content across plenty of tools, platforms and channels. Furthermore, there is increasing demand for this content to be available in multiple languages. Our neuro machine translation process helps businesses drastically reduce their costs and their project translation timelines in comparison to the budgets and timeline of human translation projects, while maintaining quality.

Our neuro machine translation process always delivers quality as it compulsorily combines the following two steps: light-speed translation of the content by our neural translation engines followed by a step of human post-editing, which is the intervention of a senior linguist on the machine-translated text in order to fine-tune the translation and work on the potential hiccups left by the machine (unnatural wording, abrupt sentence connections, potential mistranslations, text sentiment update, etc).

Please note that we do not recommend neuro machine translation on regulated content such as pharmaceutical translations or highly creative projects such as transcreation ones for which the regular human translation process still prevails.