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Certified translations


Our certified translation services are carried out by professional translators that attest to the accuracy and completeness of the translated text. Unlike sworn translations, certified translations do not necessarily require the involvement of a sworn translator with legal accreditation. The certification provided in certified translations serves as a statement of the translator’s professional competence and responsibility, affirming that the translation is a faithful rendition of the source document. This may also be known as a Statement of Truth or a Certificate of Accuracy.

Once your document has been translated, our team will provide you with a letter on company letterhead confirming that your document has been translated by a qualified translator, in a format and with wording approved by the Association of Translation Companies. The letter will then be stamped with the Association of Translation Companies stamp. This certifies that the document is a true and honest translation. The signed statement increases the credibility of the translation and makes it easier for authorities to accept it.

Certified translations are required for formal procedures and legal purposes. These projects are done by experienced translators who specialise in the relevant field and legal translation services. However, unlike sworn translations, certified translations are not limited to legal documents and can be applied to any type of document requiring a declaration of accuracy. For instance, academic transcripts, diplomas, medical records, and financial statements may require certified translations when submitted to educational institutions, government agencies, or other entities.