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Veterinary & Animal Health


One could say that the complexity of the veterinary and animal health sector lies in the diversity of the animal species. Our advanced knowledge of this multidisciplinary sector allows us to deal efficiently with many of its subfields, such as farm animal treatments, veterinary surgery, equine sports medicine, and wild animal health. We’re also fully tuned in to industry-specific regulatory procedures to guarantee full compliance of the veterinary translations we deliver.

The veterinary medical terminology is substantially different from the abbreviations and descriptors found in human medicine. This is why our veterinary and animal health translation team is made up of highly qualified, mother-tongue industry experts with proven experience and knowledge, who are up to date with the guidelines and regulations governing veterinary and animal products in the target market and have been trained to use accurate industry terms on content ranging from product packaging, product and safety information, marketing campaigns, websites to technical documentation, summary of product characteristics, patient information leaflet and labelling translations.

Please find below a list of the most common translation requests we deal with for this sector:

Drug registration dossiers

Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)

Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

Labelling and packaging

Clinical Study Reports (CSR)


Veterinary expert reports

Product monographs

Case Report Forms (CRF)

Final study reports

Scientific articles

Research & Development

Clinical trials

Regulatory affairs





Sanitary programmes

Health policy

Risk analysis

Livestock identification documentation


Animal nutrition

Experts in many sectors

Transladiem operates in a variety of sectors and has the adequate resources to handle localisation requests coming from multiple verticals.