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Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics


Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics are international industries by their very nature. Whether you are a manufacturer of apparel, an e-commerce platform or an online store owner, an import-export business, a retail business owner, a fashion magazine or a fashion design company, Transladiem can contribute to your success with efficient, high quality and cost-efficient localisation services and solutions.

Luxury and Fashion are highly diversified and specialised industries and it requires perfect mastery of a complex and colourful vocabulary that only specialised professional linguists can tackle. Our linguists have a deep understanding of the luxury, fashion and beauty sectors to accurately and elegantly translate our client’s content. At first, it may appear that these sectors only focus on the visual side of things, but it is quite obvious that language and curated textual content play an equally vital role.

The Beauty and Cosmetics industries are no exception here as these products are exported and sold internationally, and lab studies, which are essential to support the product claims, are usually run by foreign labs. For this reason, documents such as stability test data or raw material safety data sheets must be accurately translated into the target languages before being submitted to the relevant health authorities.

On top of this, beauty & cosmetic purchases, similarly to luxury and fashion-related purchases, which were traditionally driven by emotion, are now seeing trends in today’s consumers’ decision-making process as they want to be well-informed and will push to get more information around the products they envision buying. Translators who specialise in these industries must be confident in adopting this aspirational and informative tone while maintaining a strong command of the technical terminology.

From sector-specific terminology to storytelling, and from e-commerce to social media content, Transladiem contributes to your successful projects in the Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics fields by putting at your service our specialised resources, key processes, and localisation solutions. Our project team is backed by years of experience and has been thriving in respecting project requirements, keeping up with fast turnaround times and delivering outstanding quality.

Please find below a list of the most common translation requests we deal with for this sector:




Product catalogues

Press kits

Case studies


Marketing documents


Gift box descriptions

TV and online commercials

Instructions and product sheets

Fashion show programs

Interviews and magazine articles

Market research and marketing tests





Digital communication campaigns


Websites and applications

Strategic plans

Press releases

Product presentations


Press releases

Blog articles and much more

E-commerce websites

Blog content


Video subtitles


Labelling and packaging

Social media content

Manufacturing instructions

Quality procedures

Contracts and legal documents

Employee Handbooks



Efficiency studies


Technical data sheet and safety sheet (EU Reg. 1223/2009)



Brand profiles

Taglines and slogans

Institutional content (codes of ethics and codes of conduct, sustainable development goals)

E-learning modules

Interpreting services

Supportive documentation for events

Experts in many sectors

Transladiem operates in a variety of sectors and has the adequate resources to handle localisation requests coming from multiple verticals.