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Our gaming translation services specialise in all areas of gaming such as video game, sporting and gambling translation to offer our clients a tailored approach. With multiple authoring and translation environments, complex releases, testing cycles, and customer-specific instructions as well as regulatory requirements, there is a lot to consider when creating multilingual versions of your games and we help you go through this. The ultimate goal of game localisation remains to make the game feel as immersive and native as possible to a foreign market, so it appears as though it was originally made for that audience.

Our gaming team is full of master gamers that specialise as highly-qualified linguists, guaranteeing you the best of both worlds: passionate gamers and language experts, and allowing your games and apps to reach the global gaming community more effectively. While the process of translating a game is pretty much the same, regardless of language choices, each language brings a unique set of challenges.

Gamers care a lot about gaming translation meaning that when you get it wrong, you’re leaving yourself open to bad press. Certain things that simply can’t be translated or lose their meaning when you adapt them for another language and it’s important your translators have the expert linguistic knowledge to recognise these potential issues. We also care about how your translated content is going to fit into your game as it changes as words and sentences will be longer or shorter (text expansion/contraction) once you translate them which means they might not fit on-screen or inside elements in the same way.

Please find below a list of the most common translation requests we deal with for this sector:

Computer Games

Video Games

User Interface

Gaming Tutorials

Game Guides

Games Consoles

Arcade games

Voiceover and Dubbing



Instructional manual

Text files

In-game and web graphics

User manuals

Instruction guides

Policy statements

Marketing materials

Physical packaging

Digital packaging


Sales brochures

Display ads

Product descriptions

Social media ads

Social media pages

Web banner ads

In-game advertising

Continuing translation services (game updates, software patches, user tech and other support services, etc.)

Dialogue boxes

UI (User Interface)



Error or help messages

Any other element related to the video game interface.

Experts in many sectors

Transladiem operates in a variety of sectors and has the adequate resources to handle localisation requests coming from multiple verticals.