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Interestingly it takes a minimum of 12 languages to reach 80% of internet traffic. Such statistics could wreak havoc on businesses that are using a single language and try to expand to the global market. Prudent internationalisation strategies must embrace media translation to expand the potential of their businesses.
When localising content such as a news product or a last-minute press release with very tight deadlines, our qualified and vetted linguists have the knowledge and experience to deliver top quality even on these rush jobs. Our publishing and media translation services can help you reach a competitive edge within these new markets and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our publishing and media translation services help you to communicate effectively with your audience and deliver engaging content. For this purpose, we only rely on linguists that have the expertise to understand complex and industry-specific terminology, who have all proven experience within your industry or subject topic and who live in the target language country.

Media content refers to documents that range from letters to press releases, video files, images, and internal correspondences. The information reported on these documents must be understandable to employees, customers, and authorities in the jurisdictions you operate as a business.

Our entertainment and media translation services cover all areas within the sector, including:

Press releases





Marketing material

Voice over



Brochures, cover letters, and business cards

Content on your website

Commercials on different media platforms

Magazines, press releases, and newsletters

Sales and multimedia presentations

Social media posts

Dubbing and voiceovers

Interviews and documentaries

Personal business documents

Legal documents and contracts

TV and radio reports



Multilingual layout

Copy adaptation

Document translation

Website copy localisation


Brochures and marketing materials

Digital content

Digital marketing materials


Video translation services

Audio translation services

Audiobook translation services

App translation services

Software translation services

Advertisement translation services

Experts in many sectors

Transladiem operates in a variety of sectors and has the adequate resources to handle localisation requests coming from multiple verticals.