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Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing


The fields of construction, engineering and manufacturing are broad, highly technical and cover many specialised sub-divisions. Projects usually involve engineers, SMEs and specialists from multiple backgrounds, each with specific technical knowledge and tools to help them. The linguists who work on these translation projects must have a deep understanding of the nature of the documents and context to guarantee the utmost accuracy. This is why we take great care in selecting the right linguist for our client’s projects, so their level of experience and expertise matches the complexity of the document. This way you can be sure that your content is in good hands, the translation of the text will meet your expectations, and will be completed on time.

The industries of construction, architecture, structural engineering and manufacturing are essentially international, either selling large-scale machinery globally or working on projects that involve multiple organisations based in different geographical areas. Transladiem has the knowledge and expertise to translate technical materials and deliver outstanding quality, whether these are marketing materials, instruction manuals, website content or documents of a complex nature.

Our construction, engineering and manufacturing translation services cover all areas within the sector, including:

Documents for public tenders (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, etc.)

Construction service descriptions

Documents related to electricity, water supply, and drainage systems

Certificates and permits

Contracts, regulations, licenses, etc

Translation and formatting of drafts and layouts, including DTP solutions

Language courses for construction workers and managers

Interpretation services for business meetings with partners and clients

Bilingual editing services

Editing of translations based on updated original documents

Installation, operation, maintenance, and user manuals

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Technical drawings



Engineering texts

Manuals for machine tools and other machines

Description and technical data sheets




User guides

Technical Instructions

Instruction books

Experts in many sectors

Transladiem operates in a variety of sectors and has the adequate resources to handle localisation requests coming from multiple verticals.