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Our Sectors

Transladiem operates in a variety of sectors and has the adequate resources to handle localisation requests coming from multiple verticals such as Corporate & Business, Energy, Learning & Development (e-learning), Legal, Life Science, etc


The automotive supply chain from initial design through to component manufacturing, product assembly and finally sales and marketing, involves a wide range of people and services. Such a technical industry demands an equally specialised localisation partner to accommodate your requirements as complex as they can be.

Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing

The fields of construction, engineering and manufacturing are broad, highly technical and cover many specialised sub-divisions. Projects usually involve engineers, SMEs and specialists from multiple backgrounds, each with specific technical knowledge and tools to help them.

Corporate & Business

Transladiem has a long-established reputation in the corporate and business sector. Whether you are a large multinational enterprise or a smaller company, we pride ourselves in adapting our services to our client’s requirements as well as providing professional and comprehensive advice and services to deal efficiently with every content type.


Translation within the education sector is important for many reasons. The education sector has well-established needs related to the translation of documents and materials. Globalisation is transforming the way we work and live more than ever.

Energy, Oil & Gas

The energy sector is constantly growing across the globe. With the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions, the industry has to be equipped to communicate effectively with international partners and clients. Transladiem helps the oil, gas and energy sectors by delivering quality technical translations.

Entertainment & Media

Interestingly it takes a minimum of 12 languages to reach 80% of internet traffic. Such statistics could wreak havoc on businesses that are using a single language and try to expand to the global market. Prudent internationalisation strategies must embrace media translation to expand the potential of their businesses.

Finance & Banking

The finance industry lies in a globally interconnected ecosystem and our international clients value our understanding of regulatory requirements and locally appropriate terminology the same way they value our focus on accuracy and quality.


Our gaming translation services specialise in all areas of gaming such as video game, sporting and gambling translation to offer our clients a tailored approach. With multiple authoring and translation environments, complex releases, testing cycles, and customer-specific instructions as well as regulatory requirements, there is a lot to consider when creating multilingual versions of your games and we help you go through this.

IT & Technology

Nowadays, all modern businesses rely on information technology (IT) and computer science to accomplish daily tasks and achieve greater performance when it comes to protect financial data, improve disaster recovery, set up convenient data storage, develop advanced analytics or even streamline workforces.

Learning & Development (L&D) – E-learning

The e-learning industry has become a big business. Revenue is set to reach over billion dollars in the next few years. Applications are almost limitless, costs are low and the future looks promising. We distinguish two main areas: corporate onboarding and training, and education.


In the current context of globalisation, legal proceedings cross boundaries and different jurisdictions, consequently the need for a legal document translation provider you can trust within the legal sector is a requirement.

Life science & Pharmaceutical

Our life science team deal with everything from clinical trials, protocols, marketing materials, regulatory affairs, drug safety, and labelling. We offer the translation of technical terms to pharma, biotechnology, medical device companies and healthcare providers. We are ready to support your requirements, whether big or small.

Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics

Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics are international industries by their very nature. Whether you are a manufacturer of apparel, an e-commerce platform or an online store owner, an import-export business, a retail business owner, a fashion magazine or a fashion design company, Transladiem can contribute to your success with efficient, high quality and cost-efficient localisation services and solutions.

Market research

Market research is key to effective business strategy, especially in an international marketplace. To translate market research effectively it is important to target multiple geographies and it is crucial that all information is correctly translated, interpreted and represented to guarantee the success of company decisions which will affect your competitiveness in general.


In the fast-paced world of marketing and social media, you need a specialised localisation partner who can keep up with your demands, whilst still delivering creative and high-quality results. The rise in online content, coupled with the decline of English as the main language of the web, means brands must find new ways to engage with their multinational target audience in a language in which they want to communicate.

Retail & E-commerce

Our retail translation team localises your content, whether it’s on your website, in-store, via e-mail, or in brochures in order to help you engage with your international customers and increase revenue.

Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of our lives and is an inexhaustible source of content as it can be a source of entertainment, a platform to socialise, opportunities for online shopping and a way to stay informed about the latest news.

Transport & Logistics

As a result of globalisation, transportation and logistics companies play a vital role in all modern economic activities. There are many subfields within these sectors, all with different requirements.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

The tourism industry is changing. Budget airlines have introduced a price war, online booking is easy, and travellers get ever-more demanding. Since the demand for more tailored adventurous holidays, city breaks and “good deals” is growing, the travel and tourism market has never been more competitive.

Veterinary & Animal Health

One could say that the complexity of the veterinary and animal health sector lies in the diversity of the animal species. Our advanced knowledge of this multidisciplinary sector allows us to deal efficiently with many of its subfields, such as farm animal treatments, veterinary surgery, equine sports medicine, and wild animal health.