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Quality Policy


Transladiem contributes to developing and implementing our clients’ multilingual strategies through the delivery of premium localisation services (translation, revision or proofreading, voiceover, interpreting, formatting, Desktop Publishing, etc). We have nurtured continuous improvement through client requests and feedback, as well as through technological advances as the essential strategic factor for reaching the highest levels of excellence in our translation & localisation solutions and services. Our mission is to respond to the range of continuously evolving multilingual and communication needs that organisations and companies are facing, given the growth of multilingual challenges and changes brought by new technologies, internal company growth and international expansions as well as the sociocultural evolution in terms of knowledge, data and information.

Transladiem‘s QMS refers to the provision of localisation and translation services to global clients via our operational centres based in the UK and in Spain. It was agreed and evidenced through discussion that the scope of the system for ISO 9001:2015 certification is for all company activities operated on the company system including offices located in London (Transladiem Ltd) and Barcelona (Transladiem SL). The scope of the ISO 17100:2017 certification is for the provision of translation services except where agreed with the client based on rarity of language combinations or extreme time pressures. We use the term ‘proofreading’ internally to mean independent, bilingual examination of target language content against source language content for its suitability to the agreed purpose. This is in place of the ISO 17100:2015 term for ‘revision’.

Our vision is to achieve excellence and business success for our clients in multilingual and multicultural environments where technology is constantly evolving; to be at the forefront of international technological innovation; and to coordinate and integrate the best human resources, the most effective methodologies, and the most advanced quality assurance procedures. We express our commitment with a quality policy that focuses on continuous improvement for our clients, in line with the strict requirements of the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 17100 standard for translation services, and other added value commitments according to the following principles:


Strict compliance with our contractual obligations to our clients, the applicable legislation, and our internal code of ethics, which is applicable to all employees.


A fast and flexible communication and coordination system for establishing the needs and expectations of our clients, getting their feedback and assessing their level of satisfaction. 


Training and developing our team’s professional skills (both in-house and trusted freelancers); continuous updating and investment in R&D; and the correct use of our own technical resources and those of third parties, with excellent subcontractor management.

Client-focused approach

Our clients can expect a high degree of personalisation, paired with the flexibility to tailor our services to their needs. With this, we aspire to be their trusted and long-term partner. 


We constantly keep up to date with the latest trends, processes, and technologies. We are always eager to improve, adapt and learn to tailor our solutions and services as much as we can to match our clients’ needs.

Specialisation with a personal touch

We have specialists onboard who have been working for decades on major verticals and sectors (Pharma, E-learning, Corporate, Compliance, Automotive, IT, Finance, Legal, etc) and who keep focusing on their main areas of expertise. Our project managers will match your content type, file type and project with the best matching profiles available from our database to guarantee your project is in expert hands.


Our philosophy of continuous improvement is at the core of our organisation, and this includes our human resources. That is why we aim to provide personalised feedback to our resources. Since collaboration is a two-way street, we encourage proactive discussions and creative initiatives across all levels of our organisation.


Continuously improving the organisation, the provision of services, and all our other activities and methodologies relating to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, viewing this as the input and output of our processes.


Measuring continuous improvement through indicators, the satisfaction of our clients, and internal reviews and audits. Establishing objectives and monitoring compliance levels in order to introduce proposals for improvement, and where deviations are found, making the appropriate adjustments as soon as possible through corrective and preventive measures.

Internal audit

Integrating the cycle of planning, execution, assessment, and improvement in the Quality Management System, which must be revised to suit the changing circumstances of the company and its market, with appropriate risk management, checked regularly by Management, who assess the performance of the processes, audits and reviews in order to establish improvement plans.


Quality management is applied in every position and function at Transladiem. This entails the need for collaboration and commitment by everyone in the company in order to reach the objectives set in this declaration. Therefore, all personnel must be aware of the importance of meeting both the clients’ requirements and the legal regulations.

Transladiem’s management takes accountability for the effectiveness of the QMS and is responsible for and committed to providing the necessary means to reach improvement targets as they arise over time. To do so, our organisation is tracking performance, feedback and results to report them to the affected personnel and external resources to discuss potential improvements and take action, while satisfying applicable requirements by ensuring that customer’s requirements as well as applicable statuary and regulatory requirements are determined, understood, and consistently met. We continuously aim to improve our QMS by ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of our products and services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are determined and addressed. When working on improving our QMS, we guarantee that our focus on ensuring customer satisfaction is maintained all the way through and used as a key driver to always do better and enrich our customers’ experience. Similarly, management is committed to sharing this Policy, through a suitable communication system, and ensuring it is understood and accepted by everybody in the company.

Quality you can trust

Quality is at the heart of everything we do as the key driver of our workforce to establish and respect watertight localisation processes in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. On top of being ISO certified (17100:2017 & 9001:2015), Transladiem has indeed developed bespoke internal quality assurance procedures which allow us and our clients to take the edge over the competition when it comes to quality.