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Project lead and PM checklist


Our project managers are familiar with a great deal of different project types (subtitling projects, linguistic validation workflows, e-learning localisation, interpreting assignments, podcast recordings, etc) and client requirements (specific delivery requirements, naming conventions, version controls, correct use of glossaries per client product or client department, etc). The number of different criteria that standard localisation projects can entail is truly incredible: thousands of language combinations, tailored project workflows per client, specific translation memories and glossaries to be used, use of project-related reference material, preferred linguists, precise project instructions, tone of voice, different authoring tools, different video composition apps and an infinity of file types. Memorising all these criteria, requirements and instructions coming in from multiple clients operating in different industries and dropping a variety of project types every single day is a herculean task, this is why we believe in specialisation rather than generalisation, and this is exactly why our production department can count on project leads.

At Transladiem, our clients benefit from the guarantee that project leads are assigned to their account. Project leads (PL) are experienced project managers (PM) who are the guardians of the instructions, requirements and resources belonging to their assigned clients. Our project leads develop a sense of ownership and keep on updating and perfecting their account documentation so all new instructions or requirements received are documented into a PM check list, so that information about project specifics, workflows, preferred vendors, review process, delivery method and naming conventions for instance can easily be retrieved internally.

Quality you can trust

Quality is at the heart of everything we do as the key driver of our workforce to establish and respect watertight localisation processes in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. On top of being ISO certified (17100:2017 & 9001:2015), Transladiem has indeed developed bespoke internal quality assurance procedures which allow us and our clients to take the edge over the competition when it comes to quality.