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Linguist selection process


At Transladiem we take great care in selecting the right linguists for the material you send through for translation. All our linguists have specific areas of specialisation and native languages which need to match your project to be considered. It is our job to find the best suitable linguists based on the specifics of the project.

Our linguist selection process matches the requirements stated in the ISO standards 17100 to which we have added additional criteria. Please see below the key attributes which characterise Transladiem’s pools of linguists:


Diploma from a recognised higher education institution in translation.

Target language

Native speaker of the target language. Our linguists can only translate into their mother tongue, only one target language is allowed per linguist.

Professional experience

5 years of experience as a full-time translator (proof of track record required)

Area of expertise or


Evidence of training taken or past working experience regarding distinct areas of expertise such as pharmaceutical, financial, legal, veterinary, medical, automotive, etc

Geographical position

In-country linguist in order to keep the connection alive with the native-language and to factor in modern language subtleties, latest vocabulary updates and the most recent terms in use.

Initial vetting process

Any new and freshly onboarded linguist that has ticked all the criteria listed above can be entitled to translate for us, should a matching project come in, however, the initial outputs will always be reviewed by one of our senior revisors to ascertain the project requirements and quality goals are met. Consistently achieving high-quality standards over these initial months of vetting will allow the newcomers to settle in at Transladiem!

Continuous vetting process

All translators are continuously vetted and are expected to deliver quality. Our vendor management team and production team regularly collect translation samples and feedback on these outputs by our senior revisors to guarantee that there is no drop in performance through time.

Quality you can trust

Quality is at the heart of everything we do as the key driver of our workforce to establish and respect watertight localisation processes in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. On top of being ISO certified (17100:2017 & 9001:2015), Transladiem has indeed developed bespoke internal quality assurance procedures which allow us and our clients to take the edge over the competition when it comes to quality.