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Final Eye


Final eye is the final QA step executed by our project managers in absolutely every localisation project. All types of text-based files can actually be final eyed whether it is power points, word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, InDesign files or iWork documents. Our project managers view the final output of the fully formatted translated documents in the exact same way the intended audience will eventually view it. This final check focuses on the final formatting, layout and overall impression, and since it can be a time-consuming process, it requires patience and exceptional attention to detail.

When going through the final eye step, our project team will be able to flag and fix potential paragraph misalignments between the source and target material, apply equivalent effects such as bold, italics, underlining, highlights that could be missing, as well as making sure all content has been accurately transposed and formatted as per the source document that we need to mirror.

In summary, our final eye step comes into effect at the very end of the project to perform a non-language review of the final deliverables which are now fully formatted and virtually ready for delivery. This check comes just before the conclusion of the project. This is then our last opportunity to work on potential improvements before delivering to our clients, hence the importance of having the final eye QA step performed internally by Transladiem’s experienced project managers.

Quality you can trust

Quality is at the heart of everything we do as the key driver of our workforce to establish and respect watertight localisation processes in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. On top of being ISO certified (17100:2017 & 9001:2015), Transladiem has indeed developed bespoke internal quality assurance procedures which allow us and our clients to take the edge over the competition when it comes to quality.