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Our Processes

Copywriting process

We help our clients create impactful and original content that aligns with their expectations as well as their brand image and tone of voice. Our copywriters have also been trained to write and factor in keywords for SEO purposes. Indeed, requests received for Copywriting are often coupled with SEO requests.

Please see below a step-by-step guide to our copywriting process:

Initial meeting & brief

Our dedicated project team organises the initial meeting with our client to gather key instructions, clear any doubts and fine-tune the project brief in terms of word count per article, keyword requirements, audience targeted, text intent, tone of voice, key dates to be followed, etc.

Quoting and Planning

At this stage we provide our client with a quotation in which we will itemise the services requested. All our quotations are free of charge. This is also the stage where we discuss the costs and timeline associated with the different project steps. Once we are all set and get the go-ahead, we can start the copywriting process.


If SEO has been requested as a service, our project team will check the keywords received from our clients and assess which ones would work better per language for the targeted geographical areas and market. At this stage, our team can also suggest keywords and explain the rationale and rankings entailed by these when submitting them to our client.


Once the keywords are all agreed upon, all instructions are communicated to our copywriters to get the first draft up.

Client review & implementation of client review

Our copywriting process always includes one round of feedback. Our clients review the copy and may send us edits or changes for our copywriter to factor in for the final draft of the content.

Final delivery

Your dedicated account manager will deliver the final files to you via the delivery method agreed upon (email, FTP, secured link).