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Data safety


At Transladiem, we are committed to preserve the confidentiality and safety of the information exchanged between us and any customer or vendor. We use a safe and secure file transfer protocol to receive or deliver files and documents online with a high level of encryption. Software and hardware firewalls have been deployed so to prevent any unauthorised access to the servers hosting your data.

On top of this, file level encryption would prevent any malicious software from reading files on the server. All data are hosted in a secure data centre. Because we handle daily requests for translation of, we follow all the above recommendations for data safety. The confidentiality of your data is maintained with firewalls, encryption, and secure servers. Because of these security measures, we have never experienced a data breach.

To maintain data safety, we have trustworthy resources. Our translators for instance go through a rigorous qualification process to determine their translation quality and their professional conduct. Once they’ve been selected, they sign a variety of documents including a non-disclosure agreement. An additional consideration for translators is ensuring they have a secure connection, as well as private space to work on translation projects. All communications with our translators go through email exchange and translation are performed on our secured translation platform. Access to translation files goes through an encrypted SSL channel. Translators can only access our projects by providing their usernames and passwords.